Otherwise there is no way to demand punishment for the examiner.

The second year is primarily the work carried out under the supervision of masters in the studios of copyright Andrew Zygmuntowicz, Magda Hueckel, Paul Zak, Jowita Mormul, Mikolaj Grynberg and Basia Sokołowska. Photographs of participants is already the second year – according to the organizers of the exhibition – works at a fairly high level, original photographs made in different techniques – including multimedia presentations and art book. “Unchangeable key to success include the ability to look, perception and conscious choice of the theme, backed by the expertise and experience of previous generations,” – says the exhibition curator Anna Wolska. According to her, this is the only way they can develop activities that arouse emotion in the viewers and critics, which you can say something more than just being “nice”. On this show, you can just notice – adds curator – as by a group of the best teachers belonging to the leading Polish photographers “in the education process with Sunday + Snapshooters + formed self-conscious artist who taking pictures becomes + sensitive collector of the world + as once said Susan Sontag.” The exhibition in the Old ZPAF Castle Square in Warsaw will be open until July 17. She added that the changes that will be introduced are the fruit of research that has been carried out on behalf of the Ministry. They show that employers do not pay attention to the assessment on the diploma, but expect for them graduate skills, his experience and flexibility […]